Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making a Plein Air Easel with a Camera Tripod Base

Last summer my mom, my sister and I went to Bend, Oregon for a watercolor workshop.  We spent most of our time doing plein air painting and one of the painters brought a really neat easel made to use a camera tripod as a base.  I really liked it and was able to remember enough to have my sweetie shamelessly copy it and make one for a birthday present for my mom.

 Here is the easel all set up.

 This is the piece of wood that holds the tripod shoe.  Al put an insert with a 1/4-20 thread (the same thread that the tripod shoe uses) in the piece of wood and screwed in the tripod shoe.
The board hooked into the tripod base.

On the other side of the board is industrial strength velcro.  We also put it on the back of a hard watercolor board.  That way you can attach the watercolor board to the piece of wood and your painting won't fly away in the wind. 

Here is the board for your palette and water.  The slots on the right side are designed so that they rest against two of the tripod legs and that holds the board in place and keeps everything level.
 Here it is all set up on the tripod. 

And finally, here is the bag that I made to hold the easel.  Mom's really excited to go out somewhere and use it.  Now I just have to get one made for me.  :)


Cindy said...

The two of you together are so dang clever!!!! A great pair. :)

Tink said...

Deary, you never cease to amaze me!! What a terrific gift!

transesurpapier said...

It's great! Thanks for sharing :-)

Wesley said...

this looks great! would you mind posting measurements of paint/water tray? especially where it attaches to tripod

Christian Cazalla said...

I did the same. I am not alone in this world! hahahaha

Lola Hatfield said...

Could someone please post measurements for the palette board? I would love to build one.

Gabriele said...

Yes please, the measurements for the shelf board, specifically the part that goes against /onto the tripod..

Paula Haynes said...

This is absolutely awesome!